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Cruise Tips

Cruising Tips

Becoming a skilled traveler can sometimes take time and a lot of practice, but we here at Bliss Cruise will help you master the art of cruising in one shot. To make sure you have a pleasurable experience on the best cruise for adults, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions, tips and tricks for you to review. If this is your first time on an alternative “Lifestyle” cruise, or if you have traveled with us before, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

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It is important to have all your travel documents ready and available before the day of travel. If you are a US citizen, make sure to have your US issued passport along with another form of identification such as your state issued drivers license or identification card.

Try to check in on line at least 72 hours before and enter all the required information such as your passport, Identification card and credit card details in order to get your Set Sail Pass. Bring them all with you on the day of travel. Only bring the credit cards and identification card you will need for travel. Some cards are not accepted everywhere so you wont need to take those with you.

If you can, make a copy of your passport, identification card, and credit card and keep a copy with you at all times in case the real ones get lost or stolen.

** It’s not wise to travel with your birth certificate. Put it away in a safe place and apply for your US issued passport. **

Ladies, take lots of bikinis. In addition, you may want to include casual clothes, shorts, hats, dress shoes and sandals. Pack your costumes for the nightly themed events. If your not participating by dressing up in theme, be sure to include dresses for dinner and parties.

Gentlemen pack casual and semi-formal attire such as shorts, hats, sandals, dress shoes, dress slacks and nice shirts.

Be sure to carry a pair of comfortable shoes when going offshore. Gentlemen, please no jeans in the dining hall.

You may also want to pack your own toiletries and other necessities such as deodorant, lotion, body wash, shampoo etc., although the cruise ship will provide these items for you. Pack them in zip lock bags just in case they spill in route to your room. Don’t forget your camera or other electronic devices such as your laptop or tablets. You may want to consider taking a disposable camera to safe guard from lost or theft. Wifi connection will be available at an additional cost on board the cruise ship.

** Please pack a small carry on for important documents and other necessities you may need for the first and last day of the cruise. **

When you print your Set Sail Pass, you will have the option of printing your luggage tags for your luggage. If not, when you check in at the port, they will tag your luggage for you to be taken to your room. Your luggage should be there sometime before dinner. You have the option of taking a carry on luggage onboard with you, so try and pack some basic necessities and a change of clothes for the evening in case your luggage does not arrive before dinner.

Special needs guests are always welcome on board Bliss Cruise. We will make sure all special needs are properly taken care of to ensure a pleasant experience on their adult vacation. If you require special needs assistance, please notify our Access Department in writing by fax to 954-628-9622 or email at

While onboard, we ask that you stay in touch with the Bliss Cruise staff and volunteers. Don’t go off on your own while ashore and if you do, let a staff member or a volunteer know where you’re going and when you will be back. Be sure to exchange contact information in case you get lost or if you’re late getting back to the ship.

When traveling off shore, make sure you know the times when you should be back on board the ship for departure. Depending on your itinerary, the ship could set sail from the port you are visiting that night. Be sure to verify with a staff member or volunteer the best time for you to be back onboard. If you can, try and stay with the group so you don’t run the risk of being left behind.

Do not bring your passport with you offshore. Lock it away in a safe place while offshore. Only bring major accepted credit cards, your room key (which acts as your pass to get on and off the ship) and identification (driver’s license) with you.

Travel delays may arise and you could miss the boat for your swinger vacation. If traveling (flying) to the port of departure, it is advisable to do so the night before. Sign up for automated travel alerts with your airlines or use a third party software to keep up to date on travel details. If you are running behind time and feel like you may miss the boat, contact your cruise agent and advise them of the situation. Their contact information can be found among your cruise documents. If you missed the cruise ship, try to salvage the vacation by booking a flight to the first port the ship will dock and catch the ship from there.

If you get off the ship at a port of call and you get back to port after the designated departure time then you will miss the ship and bare the expense of getting to the next port or back home.

Synchronize your watch with SHIPBOARD TIME.

Often times the Ship time and the local time at the port are different if you cruise to a different time zone. Always confirm that you are aware that the departure time at any given port is ALWAYS Ship time and not the local time at that port.


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